Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patrick's Fun at Jerry's Artarama

Marcel, we invite you and your students to come over this weekend to Jerry's Artarama of Princeton's St. Patrick's Day Event.   We will have a best "green outfit" contest, refreshments and an art supply sale!
We hope to see you there!  Lisa and John.

Monday, October 31, 2011


Last Saturday, an amazing number of students, looking just like Marcel, came to celebrate Halloween, eating candies, chocolate truffles, pies, cake and cookies.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vimala Arunachalam won 1st place in oil category (non professional)
at the 2011 Middlesex County Senior Ctizen Art Contest and Exhibition
with her painting "Arch". Congratulations!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Deborah Anne Nero submitted her work to the
 Salmagundi Summer Art Show, 
got accepted and had her image selected for their poster! Congratulations!!!

Here is the poster, last Saturday, outside Salmagundi

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Color Workshop, April 2/3 2011

 Getting started....
 Got to keep them captivated
 Color toys!!!!
 Yes Maryann, it turns white when you spin it!!
 Slide show for visual support
 Miriam helping out gracefully
 Croissant break for Carolyn!
 Carol forgot her glasses, she had to get close...
 I guess the lecturer is taller than his audience...
 Ken at work.
 Mixing and eating a croissant? Must be French painting...
 Funny mixing by Sharon...
 Dara having fun...
 Cindy is not bored either!!
 Carolyn at work?

Tom can mix without looking!!!!
 More demo...
 I love it when they listen!
12:00: I could use a drink now, how about you?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

 Our friend/student Sharon is the spotlight!!!


March 18 - April 17, 2011

MFA Circle Gallery
18 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401
Reception: Sunday, March 27, 3-6pm
Awards presented at 5pm

Juror: Johanna Halford-MacLeod,
Publications Manager at the Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, PA
Executive Director of the Franz and Bader Fund

Artists Include:
Carol Aaron, Maggie Aston, Christina Batipps, John Bildahl,Amy Boone-McCreesh, Dan Brenton, Andrew Burkitt,Richard Buswell, Louise Captein, Nathan Catlin, David Daniels,Marie Danielsson-Yung, Wendy Donahoe,James Dormer, Mary Dryburgh, Eduardo Fausti, Anne Finucane,Jacek Fraczak, Eberhard Froehlich, Mack Gingles, Shana Goetsch,Robert Greene, Karla Hackenmiller, Susan Harmon, Donna Hepner,Herber,Katie Hillman, Richard Hricko, Delbert Jackson,Monique Janessen-Belitz,Lynne Johnson, Sarah Kaiser, Perry Kapsch, Lynn Keffer, Mario Kiran,Michael Kolster, Anthony Lazorko, McKinzie Lefstein, Gary Lindgren,Jo Margolis, Sandra Marino, Sean McDaniel, David Medwith,Cynthia Milionis, Armin Muhsam, Bruce Muirhead, Jake Muirhead,Scott Murray, Christine Neill, Margaret Noel, Thomas Norulak,Laurin Notheisen, Robin Page, Bruce Pollock, James Polonkey,Florence Putterman, Andy Rader, April Rimpo, Linda Robinson Gordon,Sara Schleicher, Sharon Sayegh,Sara Schleicher, Hollen Seay, Lynnette Shelley, Frances Sniffen, Judy Southerland, Michelle Stone,Sally Schluter Tardella, Clytie Whitson Taylor, Chris Warot, Art Werger,Gail Werner, Jenny Wiener, Melissa Wilkinson, Ellen Winkler,Anderson Wrangle, Mary Grace Yanashot, Tanya Ziniewicz, Grace Zuniga
 Artwork by Delbert Jackson, Navigator, paper sculpture

18 State Circle | Annapolis, MD 21401 US

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Eye Sights 2011" Eighth Annual juried photography show, judged by Andrew Darlow, at the Guild of Creative Art in Shrewsbury, NJ, on display until March 30...
And Geraldine Vergona won!!!!

Now, that's a big medal!!!!

The artist and her work!!! Congrats!!